.NET Core, Identity and MySQL on MacOS

I recently went through the pain of developing a .NET Core MVC website on MacOS. This post is meant to help you get started using Identity authentication and MySQL as your backend database. I’m going to assume you have .NET Core SDK installed. If you don’t make sure you install the latest version. The current […]

Allow Multiple Email Addresses in a Lightning Input Component

The lightning input component has built in support for emails which works great when you need to accept an email address as input. <lightning:input aura:id=”emailForm” label=”To: ” type=”email” name=”toEmail” value=”{!v.toEmail}” required=”true”/> This auto validates the input to ensure its in the correct format. The moment you add a semi-colon to add multiple emails, the validation […]

SSL Lock

Setup A Free SSL Certificate For Your Website With Cloudflare

There are numerous reasons why you should be using SSL on your website or blog. I won’t go through all them but a few reasons include: Protecting user privacy Improved SEO scores Browsers will mark your website as secure Gain customer/reader trust These are just a few but there are several other reasons to be […]

GDPR Blocking Services

Since I posted my solution for displaying ads after users have given consent, a few solutions have emerged to block EU users completely. This may be a bit extreme but if you’re worried about being complaint and don’t care about EU traffic then take a look at these services: I’ll keep updating this […]

Google Adsense And EU GDPR Compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will take effect on May 25th, 2018 and many of us who use Google Adsense to monetize our blogs may be in violation of the new EU law. Google is working on serving non-personalized ads to EU visitors but at this time that hasn’t been released yet. Many are […]

BigCommerce – Creating a WebHook

I couldn’t find any reliable C# examples on how to create a webhook using BigCommerce’s API so I thought I’d share my solution. The example code below will create a webhook when an order is created in your BigCommerce store. //BigCommerce Authorization string clientID = “<your_client_id>”; string token = “<your_token>”; string storeHash = “<your_store_hash>”; string […]

Salesforce Formula For Calculating Case Age In Hours Excluding Weekends

This is a modification of the Salesforce formula for finding the number of business hours between two dates. Here is the Salesforce formula: ROUND( 8 * ( ( 5 * FLOOR( ( DATEVALUE( date/time_1 ) – DATE( 1900, 1, 8) ) / 7) + MIN(5, MOD( DATEVALUE( date/time_1 ) – DATE( 1900, 1, 8), 7) […]