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For those of you watching Super Bowl XLVII yesterday, you may have had a chance to see the latest trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness. You may have also noticed the URL at the end of the trailer.

I guess JJ Abrams had first dibs on Apple’s new vanity URLs. Luckily this wasn’t the case or most devs would have been racing to to snatch up the coolest URLs. The truth is if you’re already registered as an Apple Developer then you already have your own vanity URL. Soon after the trailer aired, Apple published a Q&A in iOS Developer Library.

There are three types of App Store Short Links you can use:

Since my company name is my name I can link to my apps like so:
I can link to latest app, Web Demo, in two different links: and Apple automatically assigned these URLs without the need to do anything else.

According to the Apple docs, the requirements to get your vanity URL working is:

  • Remove all whitespace
  • Convert all characters to lower-case
  • Remove all copyright (©), trademark (™) and registered mark (®) symbols
  • Replace ampersands (“&”) with “and”
  • Remove most punctuation (!¡”#$%'()*+,\-./:;<=>¿[email protected][\]^_`{|}~)
  • Replace accented and other “decorated” characters (ü, å, etc.) with their elemental character (u, a, etc.)
  • Leave all other characters as-is.

The same rules apply to Mac Store Apps with the addition of /mac/:

Thats all there is to it.

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