Nide – An IDE for Node.js

While scouring the internet looking for Node.js tools, I came across Nide. Nide is a web-based IDE designed specifically for Node.js. The Nide IDE is available both as a command-line tool and as a standalone Mac app. I’ve been trying out Nide for the past few days and I absolutely recommend it to anyone developing […]

Events in Node.js

Since Javascript is an event driven language, many objects in Node.js emit events. Events are the important things that make Node.js awesome. There are tons of objects that emit events in node. You can find several examples in the documentation. To access events you need to use require(“events”). I’ve written a sample application that demonstrates […]

Form Validation in Node.js with Express-Validator

I spent a good amount of time scouring the internet for a good form validation tutorial using Node.js. Since I was only able to find one decent tutorial I decide to write my own using express-validator, which is an express.js middleware for node-validator. If your using Node.js and your not using Express then you aren’t […]

A Sample App with Node.js, Express and MongoDB – Part 2

In my last post, we created a simple Employee database using Node, Express and MongoDB. In this tutorial, we’ll add the ability to edit and delete employees. Edit an Employee The first thing we need to do is add additional functions to employeeprovider.js. employeeprovider.js //find an employee by ID EmployeeProvider.prototype.findById = function(id, callback) { this.getCollection(function(error, […]