Nide – An IDE for Node.js

While scouring the internet looking for Node.js tools, I came across Nide. Nide is a web-based IDE designed specifically for Node.js. The Nide IDE is available both as a command-line tool and as a standalone Mac app. I’ve been trying out Nide for the past few days and I absolutely recommend it to anyone developing in Node.js.


  • Project tree display
  • File operations (create/delete/rename files and folders, hide/show hidden files)
  • Syntax highlighted code editing for multiple programming languages
  • OS X Lion-style automatic save
  • OS X Lion-style version management with revert and side-by-side editing features
  • Real time project tree filtering (using regular expressions)
  • NPM integration (display currently installed packages, add/remove packages, automatically update package.json)
  • Image previewing.
  • HTML previewing.
  • HTTP authentication (for running Nide on a public server)
  • Node.JS Documentation browsing

Additional features and documentation can be found at

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