iOS 7 Blur Effect

The Control Center, introduced in iOS 7, has a really cool blur effect when opened. Unfortunately, Apple didn’t give us access to use this blur effect in our UIViews. Luckily for us, there’s a few ways to achieve this blur effect.

A really clever developer came up with a solution of copying the layer from the UIToolbar. The UIToolbar has a blur layer that you can apply to your own UIViews. You can download the code for this at Github.

Quick Workaround
Another way to achieve the blur effect is to draw a UIToolbar behind your UIView. Yeah, I know it doesn’t sound like the ideal way to do this but it’s quick and it works.

myView.backgroundColor = [UIColor clearColor];
UIToolbar *blurbar = [[UIToolbar alloc] initWithFrame:myView.frame];
blurbar.barStyle = UIBarStyleDefault;
[myView.superview insertSubview:blurbar belowSubview:myView];


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