Swift: Apple’s New Programming Language & CocoaPods

I truly am amazed at the speed of which the developer community can figure out issues. Just yesterday, Apple announced their new programming language at WWDC. I waited a day to download Xcode 6 and begin playing with Swift. The first thing I usually do when I create a project is I create my Podfile. I installed a dependency but couldn’t figure out how to import it into my Swift project. I did a quick Google search not expecting to find much and low and behold, I found the following blog post written today by Ullrich Schäfer: https://medium.com/@stigi/swift-cocoapods-da09d8ba6dd2

You need to create a bridging header file and import the headers of all your pods. Perhaps I should of read more of the Swift documentation but the speed of which this blog was written was unbelievable. Thanks to Ullrich for saving me the headache. I suggest you read his blog post and show the guy some appreciation.

Also, here’s a git repo of a Swift project with CocoaPods: https://github.com/Dimillian/SwiftTests

Now lets see if Swift catches on…

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